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I think this collaboration project with @minimons.bydindajou is one of few that inspired me a lot this year.We start everything from scratch, making trial errors of how to make it attach, how should it weighed, and Dinda even go back and forth to Ban

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JFFF 2018

Here are some of the pictures of our latest show at JFFF 2018 on April 20th, 2018 at The Atrium Forum MKG 3. You could see the complete photo collection on our instagram account. Please follow us @viliaciputra

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Blossoms - The spirit of Kintsukuroi

This Blossom collection means a lot to me. It was around three years ago, a dying girl that read too much and became best friends with books, told me a word that later become important to me."Kintsukuroi is a Japanese art, an act of fixing broken pot

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Guess this is the reason why I put my name as the brand of the business, cause every part of it, is also a part of my life journey.  Whatever changes that I made in life, whatever values that I adapted or re-constructed, and whatever inspires me, wil

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