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I think this collaboration project with @minimons.bydindajou is one of few that inspired me a lot this year.

We start everything from scratch, making trial errors of how to make it attach, how should it weighed, and Dinda even go back and forth to Bandung to make sure on the process on her side.

And since we decided to challenge ourselves and make everything by ourselves this time, (Yes everything! From designing, producing, taking photos, making videos, editing, making cards, creating marketing and branding tools, etc you named it! 😂) so, this project feels really personal. It really stretch out our creativities and brains.

We give all of our creativities out, spend our weekends doing works, late night and early morning chats and video call. It was so much fun and thrilled, and I believe it is also a good learning process for us.

I also love how easy and enjoyable it was to work with her, as we connect pretty easily, and we give so much room for improvisation and freedom. Each of our character still stands out and enhances each other's in many ways.

I guess that's what a collaboration should be and that's how work should feel. It has to inspire, challenge and make me grow in many ways, other than making money of course.

I hope our labour of love will inspire you too, make you feel the love and wishes that we put into, and make you proud to wear them. 😊🙏

It is a love projects by women, for women, and women supports each others! ✌️😎💛 Love you @dindajou! 😘❤️

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