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Where To Find Inspiration? (Part 1)

Last time, I shared about How To Be Inspired and few steps that you could try. This time, I wanna share about where to find inspiration. 

I originally want to make this topic as one post, but I think it is too long, so I divided them into several posts, allowing me to describe each one deeper. 

Inspiration is a really good tool to be used, especially when you have no particular idea about something that you should work with, or when you just have no preference at all.

1. Emotions

Emotion is the strongest inspiration source to me. I always dig deep into my emotions, and people's emotions to create something out of it. 

Wether it was happiness, sadness, angers, dissappoinments, relentless, helpless, and many more, there are always something to be expressed about.

I found it extremely important, especially when I want to create custom pieces that have deep meaning to my clients. 

Like, when one of my client wanted to make a brooch to strengthen her over her fallen marriage, or when another client who wanted me to create a necklace to remember of her mother who just passed away, or when another wanted me to create something special for her marriage that she wanted to make as a keepsake.

I have to really dig on how they feel about each of their memories and wishes. What colors, what shapes that express those feelings perfectly? 

Every combination of shapes and colors and structures, resembles and evokes different feeling that we might not really aware of. Some will be seen as feminine, some as androginy, some as delicate, and so on. You know what I mean.

However, as soon as you getting used to analizing your emotion, you will get them real fast and you will somehow know your own palette of colors and shapes for each emotion that you have.

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