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Since it was established in 2009, Vilia Ciputra Contemporary Jewelry has been widely known for the intricate designs and delicate handmade masterpieces. Combined with unique color palette and contemporary touch, each piece not only becomes a soulful piece that enhance and glamz your look, but also the pieces that you collected and keep closely in your heart.

Exactly 9 years since its' establishment, the brand changes its name and logo into V I L I A.

Our new logo is much simpler and align with its' contemporary root. The changes also applied in the design part; a mix between contemporary and classic, simple to be worn, and travel friendly.

We want our pieces not only to be able to express of who we are, but also being able to explore and reveal the hidden sides that we never really know we have. Not only to remind us of who we are, but also to let us have the courage to try new things and be who we should and may become.

We see art not only as a way to express the thoughts of human being, but also as a way of understanding life. We value the imperfection on each of our creation the same way we value its' perfection; as a balance that give the soul to each piece to be a masterpiece.

Made with passionate love and patience by skillful artisans , worn gracefully and courageously by women who value themselves well, and collected by those who understand life. To love artisanal jewelries is to appreciate the finest things in life, and nothing is finest than the freedom of being yourself truly.

Adventurous, alive, strong and honest, as how a real woman should be. Those are the core values that being represented by our designs and are carried proudly by our brand now.



Started the contemporary jewelry and accessories line on March 2009 with Organic Jewelry Collections and debuted her Earth Love Story Collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2009, her collections gain popularity and become the hot topics among the media, high fashion and socialites in Jakarta.

Not only named as Successful Woman Entrepreneur by Femina Magazine and invited as the key speaker at Women Entrepreneur Testimonial with Femina Magazine, she is also invited as the key speaker at Online Business Seminar with the winners of UK Fashion Young Entrepreneurs. Vilia's creations have been featured in magazines such as Dewi, Female, Eve, Sekar, Femina, Le Marriage, Clara, Chic, Nea, Nova, Parents Guide, Cosmopolitan, Bandung Advertiser, and many more. Her profiles has been featured in Kompas, SWA, Femina, and Sekar.

She has also being interviewed by Trans TV for her fashion community contributions. Some celebrities that have been dressed and jeweled by Vilia including Sandra Dewi, Titi DJ, Ruth Sahanaya, Ashanty, Maria Harfanti (2nd Runner Up of Miss World), Indi Barends, Zizi (Putri Indonesia 2009), Dona Agnesia, Maylaffayza, Tia AFI, Tia Ivanka, and many more.

 As she started her first charity collections (Pieces of Hearts) back on 2009 with a mission to motivate and share hopes for others, it is natural that she continue her mission on December 2010 by creating Angels of Hopes Collections with a mission to help the victims of Merapi and Mentawai. Angel of Hopes continue to be a charity line with a commitment of 100% profit for charity until now. Our latest project in 2016 was; supporting Mimpi Kecil musical drama to raise fund for the people of dusun Koko, NTT in #Heart4NTT.

Her current passions are travelling, writing, and photography. She infused her jewelry design with everything about art and all of the experiences she gained from those passions. She loves to read and learn about calligraphy as well on her free time.