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5 Styles Esedena Necklace

Rp 725,000.00

Esedena is the piece that I wanna make when I walk around the Louvre. The blue-ish layered sky and the rich feelings that build up there, somehow crystalized in my mind.

I made it as a 5 styles necklace, the ultimate necklace for pro-travelers. As seen on the photos, it could be worn in 5 different styles to fit into your apparels' styles, short necklace or long ones.

What we love the most of these series of collection is, how versatile they are to be paired with many different style. We also play a bit with the materials, since some of our clients said it was heavy to wear our necklace that consist of stones all the way. These series used lighter materials which much more comfortable to be worn and very travel friendly. 

It comes with a bracelet that could be used as an extended chain, should you want to wear the necklace as a long necklace.

Esedena, is one of the necklaces that I would suggest to those who travel a lot, especially for business purposes, as this necklace is suitable for formal, semi formal, and semi casual wear. Eventhough it is layered, but the weight is light and it is very flexible, making it easy for you to wear and to pack it along.

Middle East Crystals, Japanese Pearls, Balinese Handcrafted Beads, Japanese Beads, Metal Alloy. 

This piece is available 1pcs worldwide.
Two years warranty and free lifetime service warranty.*
Package: Hard box & Wraps.

*Terms & Conditions Applied.