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Rp 565,000.00

Edyph is what I felt when I stroll along the street of Paris. Everything felt magical and pretty. And this city is an old city with many histories.

It was like walking through the gate of time to the past and back forward to the now. As if I was time travelling in life between moments and memories of hundred or thousand years.

This necklace is inspired by the feeling that I felt, looking at the beauty that life holds at that very moment.

Every detail on this necklace is very special. The composition, structural balance, colors and all the little detail on it, represents the delicate artwork that our artisans do

What we love the most of these series of collection is, how versatile they are to be paired with many different style. We also play a bit with the materials, since some of our clients said it was heavy to wear our necklace that consist of stones all the way. These series used lighter materials which much more comfortable to be worn and very travel friendly. 

Middle East Crystals, Aquamarine (Grade A), Semi Precious Stones, Balinese Handcrafted Beads, Japanese Beads, Metal Alloy. 

This piece is only available 1pcs worldwide. Two years warranty and free lifetime service warranty.*
Package: Hard box & Wraps.

*Terms & Conditions Applied.