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Cloisonné, which taken from French word cloison; meaning to separate, is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork object with colored material held in place or separated by thin metal strips or wire, normally in gold color.

The thin metal wire will first be shaped to follow the outline of the drawing to create separations on the surface work area, which then later will be filled with crushed semi precious stones, or enamel, before being kiln-fired for several times to create the evenly colored and decorated artworks.


To me, a little imperfection is what makes everything perfect. And it goes for everything in my life, including on my artworks.

I always love a little imperfection on my stones, or the irregular shape of my works, or on a little imbalance on the structures. Those feel like little surprises that makes the artworks alive and have their very own characters. Like their histories, before they came into my life.


It is always interesting to find how people mostly will be divided into two groups of the hardcore-believers VS non-believers, whenever we talked about natural stones as healing crystals that have different healing properties.

I am actually in the middle.

I believe on the healing properties, firstly because I can sense them. The other reason was simply because I believe in the nature and I know that the nature has energy, vibrations, and frequencies on every element of it.

In today's world, most of us have already known that everything in life is vibrations (as Einstein once said cmiiww). Or the fact that everything is energy based and


Women are capable and strong as leaders. That is one of many things that we really witness during this pandemic. We have seen how women leaders handled the pandemic fast, in detail, really comprehensively and with huge of empathy. Some media even shown how the level of trust and support of the people in their countries towards these women leaders are raising high now.


What if the real language is not word? And what if the basic importance of communication is neither about who is the sender or how it was being sent?

Aside from love which is hard to be measured, music and art are two of the few fields and disciplines in life that have proven those two questions as very relatable and argumentative.


Painting and interior are two of my main sources for inspiration.

Believe it or not, a painting could change the whole vibe of a room, and interior overall could change the sense of belonging for the people who have main activities on that place.

I remember one memory when I was a kid, my dad was on the process of building a new house for us, and we visited the architect's house that day, to discuss about few things.


To be able to create art, one should be able to enjoy art as well.

It could be on another form or another media, and it could be someone's artworks, instead of nature or people all the time.

I read an interview of a Japanese artist back then, he was being asked about what inspired him the most, and his answer was, “Other people's works.”


When a piece of art, being translated or interpreted into a different medium or art form, will it be the same art work or will it be another different artwork?

For example, when a painting being narrated into a transcript, will the transcript be taken as the same artwork as the painting (since it was explaining about the painting), or will it be taken as another art piece in different form?


“Exploring life through art, exploring art to live.”

But what is art? I think everyone has different definition of art, depends on their own experiences and relationships towards art itself.

For me, to understand art is to understand life. Art is


When I re-organized my wardrobe this morning, I realized that my clothes were divided into two categories; the first one was what I really am comfortable with (who I am) and the second was what I wanna be seen with (who I wanna be).

The Who-I-Am category, consist of


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