Those four calm and full of exploration months in Bali feels like a long dream now. Especially now. Especially compared to where I am now.

I miss a lot of things from Bali, if not all lol. And this last trip has opened my eyes of endless posibilities, allowed me to know myself better, and taught me a lot about living nomad.

I had four very memorable and powerful nights there, that I labelled as 'Empowering Days' on my journal. Five days before my birthday, when I stayed alone and spent them almost completely alone (I had some conversations with some strangers from Poland and Italia on the evening lol). That might be the best early birthday gift that I gave to myself; solitude and peace of mind. I think everyone should take some days off alone to reset and fine-tuning oneself.

“If the world today hasn't taught us enough about how irrelevant they (most of the things that you and I might be stressing about) are to our lives, I don't know what else will. Shits happen, time pass by, people come and go, life starts and ends, nothing is personal unless we make it so.”

My Italian stranger says so, and nothing was new there, at least not until my Polka stranger asked, “So, should you make your life personal?”

Now, we know that there won't be a clear answer to those kind of questions. Should you contemplate about it, you'll have your answer. But even if there is a clear answer to that, we know we'd rather call it a night.

Sometimes I wonder, do I miss Bali, or do I miss the version of me that I could only find there? If we are the average of the five person closest to us, maybe we are also the average of the places where we feel connected the most?

“Chefs d'oeuvre” Bali, June 2021

#life #honesty