“How do you find beauty in the world? Or, rather, things that might not be conventionally “beautiful”, but are beautiful just for you. Say, everybody likes flowers. Everybody loves sunsets. How do you find your own vision of beauty?”

“I think, my perspective of beauty changes over time. The more I understand myself, the better I define the beauty that I seek, and the easier I grasp what's beautiful to me. But in general, maybe anything that is honest (or true to oneself), pure, with some imperfections and vulnerabilities, that's what goes straight to my heart and I found as beautiful.”

“It's a tough one, isn't it? But I really want to broaden my perspective on what “beautiful” means. We really miss so many things in the world because they are not conventionally pretty, and it's kinda sad.”

“I know right. It is true that we need to broaden our perception towards anything in life, so that we could also broaden our perspective and understanding towards beauty and any value in life. That is actually the importance of experiences. The more we learn about many things, the more we open our mind, the more we understand the value of something for us.”

“Maybe, you need to be in a special state of mind for this? Just have time to wander and look around. People live such busy lives, it's hard do you say? Stop and smell the roses.”

“Maybe. The importance of a slow living. To be in tune with life and embrace the quality of life.”

“I love you, even if there isn't any me, or any love, or even any life. I love you.”

”...and that is beautiful.”