Bitter Sweet

What I dislike the most of life, probably are unproductivity, uncertainty, and indecisiveness. Combine them with fears and you'll have zero growth.

Now, I might dislike them all, but I hate zero growth the most.

What I like the most from you, probably are your witty mind, curiosity, and your ability to understand me. Yet, combine you with my love of adventures, flexibility, and deep connection, we are at zero growth.

Now, I do like you, but I love myself the most.

What I like the most from a cup of coffee, probably the smell and the bitter taste. Combine it with a cozy space and great music, you'll get the best time of your life. Yet, what I love from drinking it, was because I don't have to talk or to listen while I sip on it.

I love my solitude the most.

The paths that we take are very different, my friend. Let's just let you sip your latte and I sip my lemonade coffee. Sometimes, though we both love coffee, it is better not to share to enjoy it.

The same goes with life.

Bitter sweet sayonara. Bali, June 2021.

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