Don't Let The Past Take The Best Out Of You

“And please, don't let the past take the best out of you. Most people do that. They gave everything they have best at the first time and failed.

Then what they learnt from it were about; how to not be disappointed when things fail, how to not feel too much, how to expect less, how to aim lower, and back off bit by bit, instead of learning how to find the right way, the right person, the right reason, and the right timing.

They shrinked themselves bit by bit on each fail attempt, try less, trust less, gave less and less effort, open up less and less.

How can you expect a better outcome by trying less, trusting less, giving less and being less?

They let the people and the things from their past that didn't deserve their best, got them. And they gave the people and the things at the present that deserve to get their best, the least. How ironic is that?

I learnt through life that the more I fail, the harder I'll try. The more I get hurt, the harder I will love. And that's how I get better at everything and always able to give a better version of me to the present.

And that's how you get the best of me now, instead of some losers from my past.”

#life #honesty #love