“My morning was meh.”

“Oh why?”

“I had an accident with eggs, that I had to change my pants. One can say I had an eggcident. Lol”

“Lol. When you have an egg accident you called it eggcident, then if you juggle with eggs you can call it eggcercise right? 🤔😂”

“Haha 😂😂”

“We can eggcercise everyday 😂”

“We're so eggcentric 😂”

“Eggcentric!! 😂😂😂 Should put that on a t-shirt! I'm so eggcentric – with an egg and pink eyeglasses like the man that you met on a cafe, had.”

“When I dropped that egg I had an... eggsistential crisis 😂”

“Yesss hahaha 😂. Damn you're too good.”

“Oh yeah, an egg with a pink scarf and pink glasses 😂”

“Indeed haha. You're too good on this 😂”

“Our new business idea, egg-related jokes. This is an eggsellent idea 😂”

“😂😂😂 Youuuuu!! You're a damn pro!!”

“😂 Hahaha”

A real good laugh is all we need.

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