Emotion and Position of Power

Life doesn't have to happen the way I planned it to be, and I don't have to own every emotions that I feel as a result of every unplanned situations I have.

It is true that owning my mistakes and fail attemps will make me move from the position of power, but I found it done differently with emotions.

I learnt that I should acknowledge all of the emotions I am having or projecting towards any situation in my life, but I don't really have to own them.

Many times, the emotions that I had were just reactions of the differences that happened between the ideals, my expectations, and the reality that occured.

They rarely were the main issues, and mostly just signals to alert me to check on my own expectation bar and readjust my navigation plan.

Life happens, and letting few things float without really trying to own them, many times proven as one of the most powerful move that I can do from the position of power.