For The First Time


“They're watching something they've already watched before, but they can't remember that they have, so it's like it's the first time lol.”

“But it is good to experience everything like the first time. Maybe we won't have fear and anxiety that way.”

“Yeah, you can just watch the same thing or read the same book all the time, and it's like new every time.”

“Or feel a kiss, a hug, eat a food, and experience life all as the first time.”

“That's a good point, too.”

“Well, let them be. They're kinda blessed lol. I would want to feel few things as the first time again.”

“Maybe some things.”

“Like lasagna at first bite. Or meeting you for the first time 😝 lol.”



“But then there is nothing I would like to change about us. I am content of how we are.”

Life is simple these days.

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