People's understanding and definition of freedom will be vary according to the level of freedom that they've experienced.

It is very rare for one to be able to visualize or define freedom more than what they've tasted or they've seen in a glimpse, before.

It's like doing a pantomim of someone playing violin, to another who has never seen or played a violin before. The idea was simply hasn't existed yet in the mind.

And yes, I believe that ideas require previous experiences or knowledge to be triggered. Ideas need our assurance of probabilities and chances of success, to be sparked.

Simply said, ideas need experiences, and so does the idea of freedom. Afterall, the concept of freedom is to overcome the boundaries and limitations available to ourselves.

(Note that I chose the words 'to-overcome', because up to now, I don't believe in 'no-limitation' to be a part on defining freedom. Based on my experiences, no limitation only leads to chaos, and chaos is very far from freedom. And as ironic as it might sounds, freedom does require certain limitation and strict controls around it, to be existed.)

I found it hard, if not impossible, to make someone understand the level of freedom that we could have, for whatever the reason could be, without them having the courage to experience it first-hand.

And that's why I'm mostly unable to answer people's question on why I chose to be a minimalist, why I chose to move from my three story house to a studio apartment, or why I traveled and lived nomaden for four months.

Unless you have the courage to let yourself to experience them all, there is no way for you to understand the level of freedom that I am having in my life.

Unless we have the courage to let ourselves to experience many things in life, there will be no way for us to really be alive.

And that's how I define my freedom.

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