The best thing is not always the right thing for me. And the right thing at the moment is not always the right thing in five years ahead.

Everything changes. And they should. I should, too.

Everything must grow.

And to grow and be a better me, pain and goodbyes are inevitable. Either for me, or for the people and things that surround or being let go by me.

I could always get what I want, but I learnt that some things are better when they're not mine. Or that I'll be a better person when I don't pursue, claim, or own them.

Growing and loving people and things that won't be mine, taught me a great lesson of the presence and concept of unconditionally.

At first, I thought unconditionally was all about giving and being a bigger person. But I was wrong.

Unconditionally was also about choosing and accepting. And by choosing and accepting unconditionally, doesn't make me a smaller person as well.

Yet the most important one, unconditionally is also about freeing, which means to really live and alive.

I think, everything in this world seeks for balance, including our souls. And balance means to go a full round, without avoiding anything, including what we perceived as negativity.

Raising up and beyond, is never about winning. It is always about overcoming and evolving.

Some things that took me a whole life to really understand fully, and I wanna remember for a long time.

#thoughts #clarity