Just A Little Longer

I lost an uncle and a good friend of mine, today. Both of them, just two days away from them being confirmed as covid positive.

Time feels like fleeting these days. It feels unreal, especially to us who lost our beloved ones.

His mom asked, “Tell me, what am I feeling now? What is this feeling? To lost someone I love so dearly is one thing, but it doesn't even feel like that. I was still laughing with him two days ago. Then I just have to accept he has gone through words. No goodbye, no funeral, nothing. As if he faded and disappeared..”

Maybe time does fleet. It's just we are too foolish and too busy to pretend like we own it forever.

Tonight, hug your loved ones a little longer. Kisses them a lot more and hold their fingers a little longer. Listen to them and watch them smile a little longer. Dance, laugh, and do silly things together, more.

Just a little longer.

That little longer that someone out there wished they could have and would trade with everything they have.

“A second you waste, is a second that you will never get back.”

#life #thoughts #honesty