Loneliness has nothing to do with togetherness, and to feel lonely is normal and very human. Sometimes it was the absence of existence, some other times it was an emotional disconnection.

I used to think that loneliness is when I felt ignored by others. Turns out it was me, feeling ignored and avoided by my very own self.

It was when I don't understand what I want and how I want things to be, that I expect other people whom I took as my closest and should understand me better, to give me a clue, and they failed to do so. Then I felt so alone.

But of course they failed to do so. How could they understand what I want, when I myself didn't even know the answer. And even if they did succeed to give me the right clues, it will still only work when I agree with it. Either way, it was a lose – lose game until I really understand myself and what I want, clearly.

Many times I found that loneliness is a sign when I need to sit down and listen to myself. A chance to understand myself better. A sign that I need to love myself better and put the priority on myself.

Loneliness is actually a sign for us to love and understand ourselves better.

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