Loners Don't Get Lonely

Loners don't get lonely

“I don't know about good or bad, but I think life is each to our own. In this case, for me it is good.

I'm at the point where, not even loneliness could shake my ground.

I've faced them all. Every single emotion that most people won't ever deal with. I've made friends with them all. And I know clearly where I'm heading to. I have this crystal clear image of how I wanna live my life.

And I'm at the point where I could say, 'Loners don't get lonely, dude.'

Some people might say that it is like being numb, and I will just say 'if you say so 😂'.

To win people's agreement is not my war. To live my life and make the best out of it, is.

At one point in life, when someone say that you got a problem, you gotta ask that person, 'And you got a problem with my problem?? 😂'

I actually don't really define good and bad anymore. I just own my mistakes and failures, and fix them. I face my fears.

I just live.”

Loners don't get lonely and the best thing to do is to never give up. Stay wild. 🖤

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