“Did you feel that something was missing for you before you met me?”

“Do you? Feel something fulfilled or not missing after you met me?”

“Well yes, I suppose that's why I was there, and why I have no interest in going back there now.”

“And that's why I'm going back there more lately, tho I know I might won't find it there.”

“Was something missing when you were with your ex?”

“No. I think he gave me abundantly.”

“And yet he is your ex.”

“I know and I don't know. He is an ex because I felt that I couldn't give as much as he deserved to get. Not because I didn't find what I was looking for.”

“And you also haven't found it in him.”

“I should have found it, but maybe I lost it somewhere. Maybe I'm a defect product.”

“I think you are a human product. *Hugs”

“I've been looking for the same thing as you. But more and more I realized that what was missing wasn't really to be found in other people. The missing piece isn't something that's given to you by someone else. It's a piece that you have to build and grow and nurture within yourself.”

I would actually ask “Why are you still here with me, then?”

But then we both know the answer.

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