Never About The Distance, Nor The Time

I guess, closeness to me, never really about physical touch or how long and deep I've known someone.

To me, it is more about how deep the impression or memories that one left me with. Sometimes a single line, a sincere smile, or a glance of warmness, feels deeper to me than an hour of casual talk.

I met her around three weeks ago. It was the second time I noticed her small satay barrow on the corner of the street. I decided to pull over and ordered a plate of chicken satay and lontong. She helped her husband to prepare the satay, they both are pretty old actually, around 50s to 60s I think. And since then, I've been visiting them every week, sometimes twice a week, just to have their satay.

I went there today, only to found them nowhere. The other seller told me that the lady passed away this morning.

I never really talked much with them, actually. Just casual talks when they brought my orders. But she always smiled so warmly and made me feel at home.

I honestly don't even know why I feel this way; slightly sad and heavy on my chest.

I guess, we all affect and give impact to everyone that life made us encounter with, no matter how short it was, somehow, some ways.

And maybe what matters in life is never about the distance, nor the time.

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