Hello. These are the things that I'm currently focusing on:

Creating intentions jewelry for Vilici – Not only this is my strongest passion in life, it is also a way for me to empower our (women) lives, as a part of my life intentions.

Exploring emotions through various art forms and collecting them on My Playground – Exploring emotions are my way to understand different spectrums and facets of life that we are going through. Not only it trains my sensitivity towards emotions, it also trains my creativity to express them. Just like how we learn to train the muscles in our body, or train our word muscles to form sentences and to communicate. Training my emotions allows me to have emotional flexibility in life.
Writing always help me to straighten my mind and get the clarity out of almost everything. Drawing and painting have always become parts of me. Photography has become one of my strongest tool to express difficult emotions when words could no longer express. I've been posting them a lot for years and it scattered everywhere. I'm collecting them now in one place to allow me to see my growth.

Being a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a family traveller – Taking care of my little family and my parents who get older now. Doing family, travel stuff and cooking for sure :).

Improving my physical & mental health – swimming daily, eating cleaner, reading books and meditating as part of my stress-free daily habit.

These are my priorities now and where I spent most my energy and time on.

I am no longer participate or collaborate on any fashion show or fashion event. I will only consider my participation on art and mindful events.

You can reach me through:

Last Update: May 8th, 2021