Or Maybe Love Doesn't Conquer All

It's like playing the same music all over, again and again, hoping to feel less and less about it, that one day it won't feel anything anymore to us.

That it left only one question; why did we even listen to the song in the beginning?

We were there because we were lonely. We were dying to find just one soul to talk and share everything honestly with. One soul that could understand, don't judge, and we feel at ease to be with, no matter how far the distance was, in real.

One soul to whom we could rest a little part of ourselves to. One that could make the complicated world makes sense a little bit, and will stay even when there is nothing left to be shared anymore. One that we share the love with, without the needs to define it.

But then, after we have found each other, all we did was just pushing each other away, trying to make ourselves believe that we are better without each other. We stubbornly believe that we could only do our own way, that we don't want what we have.

We hold on tightly to our fears, refuse to let go or change, and would rather to lose each other than to lose our comfort zone.

We forget about that night, when we were lonely and dying just to find one soul, and that one soul actually responded and stayed.

How complicated we, human, are. Or maybe, it's just love doesn't conquer all.

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