Pace of Life

“What so tempting about a fast pace life is because it is result oriented. To be result oriented means you don't dwell, think, or questioning too much about your decisions and the impact of those results. Any result is a good result. Any instant result, any fast success feeling, means fast dopamine and who doesn't want dopamine?

But on a slow living life, you aim for quality. To aim for quality means to focus and pay attention on the process, and how the process impacts the whole experience of living a life, to you. Any result is a bad result. Yet, a small steady overall improvement is a great result.

There is no right and wrong here. It is just a matter of preference.”

“Some people define happiness as ownership, or fulfilment as achievement. Just like one see solitude as loneliness, and free spirited as careless. I define living as experiencing, and dying as leaving regrets behind. It is clear to me that to live, means to die in the end. So, I live to experience life and leave my regrets behind. To be enlightened.”