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As a woman, I was taught to find small joy and small happiness in every situation, especially in hardships and unpleasant or less ideal situations.

But boy, how I hate


A lot of things reminded me of you.


I guess, closeness to me, never really about physical touch or how long and deep I've known someone.

To me, it is more about


I lost an uncle and a good friend of mine, today. Both of them, just two days away from them being confirmed as covid positive.

Time feels like fleeting these days. It feels unreal, especially to us who lost our beloved ones.

His mom asked, “Tell me, what am I feeling now? What is this feeling? To lost someone I love so dearly is one thing, but


3 a.m and I still hear the ambulance on the near by streets.

It's been this way for two weeks or more. I can hear


It's like playing the same music all over, again and again, hoping to feel less and less about it, that one day it won't feel anything anymore to us.

That it left only one question;


There is a Japanese channel that I followed and love to watch. They often showed many stories of family businesses that have been running for generations and hold their traditions or cultures.

One of the shows that I watched was about an old roasted mochi shop at an old temple. It has been running for generations by the female members of the family.

Read more... to never let my peace be affected of whatever the circumstance brings me, or however the people around behave towards me.

To know that there is always an option, if not several,


There were times when I thought I need to be understood. And to be understood means I need someone else to do the favor for me, to try to understand me.

For them to understand me means,


People's understanding and definition of freedom will be vary according to the level of freedom that they've experienced.

It is very rare for


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