When I first learnt about pattern, the very first thing that my mentor asked me to do was; to create a freehand one line hand drawing.

The second thing to do was, to create a pattern with one line hand drawing but with no ruler or any tool to support other than the pen. And yes, pen. Not pencil.

The same goes to the first time I learnt to paint using Chinese ink. I was asked to draw a tree using only one brush and one chopstick.

The whole goal was to train my instinct to adapt with the media, using the very basic tool and catch the flow within my very own movement.

I still apply those techniques into every part of my life and work, nowadays. To always train and sharpen the instinct, to accumulate my very own strength, and to have the clarity of my vision.

That's why people will recognize my signature style on each and every work of mine, even when the design was super simple and neat, with almost no complicated pattern.

Cause all those energy that I put into my works, are very real and could be felt by you. Pattern works not only on the eyes, but also on the energy, vibrations, and signals. Even the water has patterns to each and every memory that it captures, and each emotion that we manifested into it. (This has largely researched and published by Japanese researchers).

And when you wear one of my artworks, you'll feel the energy of it, and it will blend with your very own energy pattern and vibrations.

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