Read Again

My writings are never for anyone, and definitely not for everyone. They are mine and for the reasons that are also solely mine.

Whatever that you feel, perceive, or gain by reading my writings, are projections of your own feelings and thoughts.

They reflect your very own values and the way you build your reality. They are what you surround and define yourself with. They are not mine, and never about me. They are solely yours.

Some people told me that my writings made them feel stronger. Or that they feel connected and less lonely. Some others said, it made them feel something. Something that they couldn't really articulate in words. And I have some people who admit that they were confuse haha.

I could only say; read them again after some time has passed. You might will have different impressions and understanding. And only by then, you would understand, that the writings were the same, but you've grown into a differrent person. You will then own your feelings, thoughts, and understanding.

My writings are solely mine, what you take from them, are solely yours.

Clarity takes time. Jakarta, June 2021.

“Read them again after some time has passed.., cause that's what I always do, too.”

#life #honesty