“Do you remember how did we meet?”

“I do.”


“You came to that place where my friends and I were usually hang out and you asked for a song recommendation. I gave you Never Let Go by Bobby Bazini.”

“Wow. You do have a good memory.”

“I believe so.”

“It is good, but it can be a curse, too.”

“It is a curse. But I've dealt with it.”

“Lol. That's why I don't wanna be remembered.”

“I will remember you for the whole of my life.”

“I wonder how you will remember me if one day I left with no news at all.”

“Still you.”

“That actually made me think, if one of us die and suddenly disappear one day, we will never know.”

“Well, if that were me, you'll know.”


“It's in my will. My friends will tell you. They know what to do.”

“You already have a will?”

“Yeah. Listed a little bit there.”

“I don't have any.”

“Well, it is still early.”

“Lol. I don't want people to remember me anyway. I think it is better for people to think that I am so fuckin selfish and ignorant, that I left them all of a sudden, and then to have them hate me and forget me,.. rather than having them being sad over me.”

“But you're none of those, and your people know that. You'll end up making them wondering why for the rest of their lives. That's a horrible torture, more than sadness. That's a long term pain.”

“Well, I can't do anything since I'm dead by that time, right?”

“You can do something while you're here, sound and kicking.”

“Hm. Things like?”

“Love them sincerely.”

“Do you? Love people sincerely?”

“If I were gone by tomorrow, will you think that I hate you or that you did something wrong to make me leave you?”

“No, but I will wonder why and will miss you from time to time.”

“Then you know my answer already.”

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