Tan Lines

“Are you not afraid of getting darker?”

I got this question a lot, mostly from my Asian friends. It is quite understandable, since most Asians are proud of their porcelain white skin.

There are a lot of (claimed-to-be) whitening products out there with such a heavy advertising and marketing revolves around them. I even saw an adv of this beauty center offering instant whitening skin using this fluid that they inject and infused into your body, which honestly, was cringy to me. Lol.

Anyway, I don't judge what people like. We all sin differently and I'm cool with that. I just happen to love a tanner skin.

To me, my tan lines are the prove of me living my life to the fullest. That I've immersed into experiences and moments of my life, and not holding back for any other reason.

My tan lines are like the silent tattoos of my life. No words, just shades of colors on my skin. How cool is that?

I wear my tan lines proudly, just as how I wear my grey hairs and wrinkles. They are the proof of me living my life best.

So, no. I'm not afraid of getting darker, of grey hairs, of wrinkles, of getting old and die. I'm not afraid of getting scratch and bruised or marks on my skin.

I do afraid that I might regret of not experiencing as much and not living my life as best as I could.

Well, as I said in the beginning, we just sin differently, and may you be okay with that, too.

“Tan lines are the traces of where the sun fiercely kisses you.”

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