The Problem With The Answer.

What we assumed as the answer, sometimes, is actually the real problem.

Or maybe we expect it so much to be the answer, we didn't realize we just created another problem which made us unable to see the real answer in front of our eyes.

And that's how I learnt about my peace of mind.

There was a time when I hoped for someone or something, to be or to give the answer to my equation.

The answer has always been with me. I know that. But knowing it was there, was very different from finding it. And I can't really see it in myself. So, I gave up my power along with the responsibility to find the answer, to them.

And only years later that I realized, there will be no answer unless I take the responsibility to find it.

The answer lies on the process and progress that I experienced and explored by taking the responsibility to my own. That's the only way.

And only by removing them (people and things that I assumed as the answers), I realized that they never were, and never will be.

It might not be the perfect one for everyone. It might not caters all the needs. I might won't even like the answer myself, but I will always know what must be done. And that's my answer, the one I've been looking for a long time;

The answer is not MY answer, and it will never be an answer unless it is MINE.

The responsibility to answer, is completely mine. So does my peace of mind.

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