To Forget

“You remember how you always said you want people to just forget you while I always said I want them to remember me? I think I understand you more now and am feeling the same way as you with time.”

“Oh how so? Why do you feel that way?”

“I don't know. Maybe I was trying to be the person who remembers too and now I want to change it? Why did you always feel that way?”

“Maybe because I don't feel memories about me are significant.”

“I dont know. I guess I just want to forget some things.”

“Do you remember, I once said when we were a bit arguing back then; “I hope you will never understand what I feel and will never have to.””


“Lol. No and. I really wish you wouldn't feel the way I did on sadness or loneliness. I want you to be happy.”

“I want you to be happy, too.”

“You know I always try to.”

“I do too, then.”

If anyone should remember anything about me, I wish it was a memory that made them remember of how good they are to me. Bali, June 2021

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