Turning Point

Turning Point

“My turning point was, when someone asked on a group that I randomly followed, one very simple question;

“Have you ever thought of packing a bag and leave everything behind?”

And I found out that 85% answered “Oh yes” or “Everyday” but 90% of them didn't do anything in the end, mostly because of the fear of uncertainties.

I don't even wanna count, how many percent of them that admitted how they regreted that decision of staying the same and then things were too late.

That's just insane to me. How could you hold yourself from the life that you have always wanted to have? What could be more important than that?

Some answered children as the reason, but what is the message that you want your children to learn? That life is all about holding back? That they can't pursue the life that they will be dreaming of because it is selfish and other reason? Or that to regret about their life is normal? That's life? Again, that's insane to me.

Since then I promised myself, I won't be that 85% of people. I will be the 5% who do the changes that they need to do to have the life that they want, and who answered “No. I f*ckin love my life.”

Some people took me as a selfish spoil person for that, and I just laugh. Yeah they can be the unselfish ones and hopefully they will feel satisfy with their choices by the end of the day. I'll just be a happy selfish spoil b*tch. Lol.”

Some part of a long conversation with some strangers.

I chose this traffic photos as it somehow shows the contrast with what I write, ironically yet also beautifully.

Us wanting to be happy and away VS us spending most of our time during the traffic back then on normal days before the pandemic.

Will you do it again?

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