Unpleasant City

After 10 years, I visited this city again. A city that I never really feel welcomed at, a city that made me really realized how it felt to be different, a city that described the words; culture shock- at all possible level to me, and a city which all of the sad memories were the only good ones that I have.

This is probably the only city in the world that I would always skip whenever possible and made me wanna go back home as soon as possible. The city that I don't even wanna pronounce the name at all.

And today, I just added another unpleasant memory in this city. How ironic was that for a second chance? Lol.

If Jogja reminds me of the important things in life and Ubud allows me to regain myself back, then what this city shows me clearly over and over again was that everything has a price to pay.

I love Bali for bringing out all the greatness in me, and maybe that's why I dislike this city; because it reminds me of the darkest monster I have in me.

I just wanna go home. Unpleasant city, June 2021.

#honesty #life #memories