When We Argue

Between Our Angers

“When we argue, we actually gave some respect to differences, as the way we gave respect to similarities.

We gave time and space to pain and sadness, just like the way we gave them to love and happiness.

We acknowledged them. That they are real and it is normal to feel that way.

And most importantly, we gave chances to equality.

At this point, I believe we are not at the stage where we point to each other to find who to be blamed, anymore. Whose fault, doesn't really matter anymore. We are in the same boat. We sail or we sink.

It is always about how we should deal with our issues and how we make it works best for us.

Agree to disagree. Agree to respect differences and personal freedom. Agree to put effort to make each opinion and issue be handled as equally important.

And that's maybe what I love the most from us.

That we begun our journey with all of the differences between us. We do things differently than what most people do, or what many expect us to do. We then see different point of views in life that we might won't ever know existed if we weren't together.

And we evolve those differences between us into something that makes us become clearer about ourselves, each and every day, together.

Even in between of our angers.”

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